Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Horizons for Boredom

Over at Unclutterer, Erin Doland says she saves money by buying small bottles of shampoo because when she buys big bottles she gets bored with them and switches to another before finishing the bottle:

Although it usually isn’t the best bargain, I’ve found that buying smaller bottles of these items works best for me. Yes, a gallon jug of shampoo at Costco is the most cost effective option, but after six months of using the exact same shampoo I get bored, buy alternatives, and then have three bottles of shampoo in my shower.

I used to think that I get bored easily, but it never occurred to me to get bored of a shampoo. I suppose this also means you can get bored of soaps, toothpastes and deodorants. Mindboggling.

When I find my showers are getting boring, I put a new set of song lyrics in my plastic songsheet holder.

Do other people out there get bored of shampoos? If so, does the problem extend to conditioner and other bathing products?

Would a new song help?


Anonymous said...

I don't get bored with shampoos, conditioners etc., but I get a tad overwhelmed by having huge amounts of anything... So If I buy the big bulk item, I solve the problem by transferring reasonable amounts into smaller containers and putting away the super-size container.


Aggie said...

I get overwhelmed in large Costco-like stores that sell vats of things. So, my problem is not really about product-boredom...
However, there is a MYTH out there (that every women has heard) that using the same shampoo is BAD for your hair -- that your hair actually gets tired of the same product.

Anonymous said...

Have been using the same brand of shampoo for years and would love to find it in gallon jugs. My hair has never indicated that it's tired of the same product.
Always buy liquid hand soap, household cleaners,etc. in the largest size available and transfer to smaller containers. I just thought that everyone did that, Pat would think me wasteful if I started buying small quantities of those items.


Jennifer said...

Sometimes, when I am at the end of my current bottle of shampoo and I buy a new one I end up using the new one before finishing the old one. It's impatience more than boredom. Though, the idea of going through a gigantic supersize jug of shampoo doesn't appeal to me, probably because of the "bad for your hair" idea that Aggie brought up that has been drilled into my brain from years of reading fashion magazines.

Also, is the shampoo they sell at Costco the kind that is natural and free of shit-that-will-give-me-cancer? Because if it isn't I don't think I could convince myself to use it anyway.


Anonymous said...

I am also concerned with the reaction in some people to be more wasteful if they have huge quantities of a product. There are those, as I have observed, who feel that they can use more or consume more of a product if it is cheap and they have large quantities of it. I am sure that David S would not think that way, but some people do... Manoushka

Anonymous said...

I don't get bored with the same old shampoo, but my hair does. It becomes flat and lacklustre. I think I have five bottles of shampoo in my shower.

David Scrimshaw said...

This is all interesting to me.

Jo and Aggie, Costco is not the only option for large quantities of shampoo.

Zoom, it appears that you have bought into the myth that Aggie referred to.

Red Vera, you remind me of a household I knew of a long time ago. In that home, the mother became concerned that her teenaged sons were using too much shampoo. So she decanted their shampoo into small pill bottles.

Apparently this worked okay for the younger brother. If he felt limited by the quantity he never said anything.

However, the older brother found it to be a pain in the neck. The pill bottles contained enough shampoo for three showers and it would have been simpler to deal with the original bottle than to mess around with the childproof lids and to always be rinsing the last bit out of the pill bottle on the third shower.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked and dismayed to learn that a mother was being so stingy as to impose such restrictions on her teenage sons. Certainly any of my sons would have been careful and frugal themselves without any such measures being taken.

However, a certain older man of our acquaintance insists on his shampoo being decanted into tiny "hotel" shampoo bottles because he is constantly leaving them in campground washrooms, along with combs, soap, washcloths, etc.

Pearl said...

for sure, I get bored of all kinds of these things. I have half a dozen each of deodorants and toothpastes. Shampoos continuously trading places. I need a product-sized revolving door or dumbwaiter for all the products.

Anisha Zaveri said...

I'm like the man with the goose that laid golden eggs. I found a shampoo that worked on my hair like magic! It was incredible. I would bow down in honour to it. But then when I went to the department next time..I thought..maybe this one is of the same brand but maybe its for dry hair so its better. It wasn't. Grrr.