Sunday, May 25, 2008

Garage Sale - The Big Plane

Little boy looking at toy biplane Big Plane 019 Originally uploaded by Dave Scrimshaw.
Manon and I had a great time at the Great Glebe Garage Sale on Saturday. My large knapsack was completely filled and I don't believe I spent even $20. Like this little boy, I found that biplane very tempting. I don't think his mom let him buy it because she was calling him to "come on". Since I have to be the one to control what I buy, I found that by taking this picture, I was more able to let someone else have the plane. This is like what I've seen on Clean Sweep. If there is some old thing that you can't use but has sentimental value, they suggest taking a picture of the object and using that to hold all the associated memories and feelings. However, now that I am here at home, I can't help but look at this picture and see a dozen places where that biplane would look great.

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XUP said...

At events like this it's always best to buy first and ask questions later