Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Reading at Venus Envy

A week ago Saturday, Megan Butcher and Jennifer Whiteford read with Chandra Mayor at Venus Envy.

I enjoyed Megan and Jennifer's work as I always do. Megan interspersed her reading by throwing five paper airplanes into the audience. Although she aimed away from me, two of the planes swerved and hit me right in the chest.

Do you think that means something? Do you have a different answer if I tell you that the planes contained information about a bondage workshop scheduled for June (not sure if it is this year or last year).

I didn't know Chandra's work before, I really liked her reading. She won the Margaret Laurence award and that is entirely appropriate because her writing felt like something Margaret Laurence might have written had she been born fifty years later.

When you go to readings at book stores, if the reader is boring, you find yourself scanning the book covers. At Venus Envy, the readers have to be particularly engaging to keep you from getting distracted by the magazines, DVDs, and other objects intended to help people with their intimate pleasures.

It is proof that the all three were engaging that I didn't look at the wall of strap-on dildos and harnesses behind the readers until after the show. (Photos in the Flickr set.)


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Wow, I look greasy. I need to clean myself up when I do readings.

But thanks for posting the photos! It was a fun reading.