Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Make-Up Post

This is to make up for the incredibly long legal posting just below.

For People who think my schema for the Great Glebe Garage Sale was overly detailed, check out this Nap Schema

For everyone except Marcie, Drexel's latest video, Drexel Returns:


Anonymous said...

Gosh. That's some cat.

Anonymous said...

Translation of Drexel's meowing: "Come on David, you slow poke - move along - come on move a little faster! Now, open the door for me!"

Anonymous said...

is there a special form or something that marcie filled out to get exempted from watching the cat videos? where can i get this form?

David Scrimshaw said...

Zoom, yes, she is indeed some cat. But as for whose cat is going to be the most famous, your Duncan and my Drexel are going to have some serious competition from Robin's new friend Fast Eddie.

Manon, if Drexel were your cat you might be able to translate what she says.

(a) She could see the door was open, so no need to ask me to open it.

(b) After her morning walk, she asks for fresh canned food, and is probably saying "make it chicken feast!"