Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I mispelled "embarrass" for many years. I thought it was "embarass" and I even had a mnemonic device for remembering that it was only one R: If you are bare assed you would be embarassed. Guess how I felt when WordPerfect's spell checker finally corrected me. That's right, I felt self-conscious and ill at ease.

Speaking of embarrassment, now everyone in our country has a reason to be embarrassed:

Earlier this week, while researching a legal issue, I came across a whole bunch of regulations under the Federal Financial Administration Act that I had never heard of including:


Anonymous said...

more embarrassing than admiting you still use WordPerfect?

David Scrimshaw said...

Good one, anonymous. I figured by saying Wordperfect, I wouldn't have to tell you that it wasn't a recent event.

And come to think of it, wouldn't using Wordperfect, especially if it was WP5.1 count as cool these days?

Instead I'm blogging in IE and using Outlook 2000 for my email.

Please don't tell Keir or Zander.

Anonymous said...

I spelled 'embarrassed' wrong all my life too David, until someone on my blog pointed it out to me. I didn't believe them until I looked it up myself. I was so embarrassed.