Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Saying goodbye to the past

In the past week, a bunch of the blogging demi-gods have been promoting Peter Walsh's decluttering book, It's All Too Much.

They are making a big fuss over his premise that it's time we stopped trying to organize our stuff and started getting rid of it. Or at least a lot of it.

I figure I don't need to read Walsh's book because I have seen him in so many episodes of Clean Sweep that I know all his techniques.

One of those techniques is to take a photo of something that has sentimental value but you have no use for. In my decluttering on the weekend, that's what I did with my C.C Raiders pennant. It was in a box in the basement. Given that I didn't go to Raiders' games when I was a student at Cornwall Collegiate, it is not likely that I am going to start. If I do, I'll recreate the pennant from this photo.

A lot of other stuff that used to be in the basement is no longer in the basement and in fact no longer in the house. 2008 may be the year that I perform the "clean the basement" resolution.



Anonymous said...

I would suggest that people borrow Peter Walsh's book from the library. Otherwise, that book will just be one more thing to get rid of at some point!

Anonymous said...

I'll pick up my bike shortly, where it can find a new home in my basement for the next 10 years or so...

Anonymous said...

Hello future!!

I've been wondering for years what it would take to get David Scrimshaw to declutter. Remember.. the lights are for Sally.

Welcome Manon and Keir!!

David Scrimshaw said...

Manon, I wish I'd thought of that! I have followed your suggestion and am #47 in line for the regular print edition. There is also a large print edition and a CD version, read by Peter Walsh so you get to hear his fabulous Australian accent and it comes with "clutter quiz, charts, and calendars." [Ottawa Public Library]

Dave, it'll be nice for the bike to get out, and then it goes back in another basement you won't need to spring for new tires and inner tubes.

Red Vera, regarding the clutter, you should know that I have an ally in young Keir. Regarding the lights, Sally came by the other day and picked out all the ones she wanted. She was very grateful.