Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rainy Day at the Skatepark

Once again, someone's misfortune has allowed me to get pictures that I like. This time I got to take photos of the skatepark from inside. I never go inside when the weather is good because the skaters are zipping around and while I'm sure they would avoid me, I don't think they would consider it cool for some old guy to be wandering up and down their ramps taking photos when they could be zipping through the space I occupy.

broken trike at wet skatepark

I wonder if someone was trying stunts with this trike. If so, is that how it lost a wheel? Or were they trying the stunts with a broken trike. I'm guessing it didn't work out, else they wouldn't have left it behind.

More photos of the park in the rain at Flickr.

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skylark said...

The shattered tank left on the battlefield! Logan and I often walk the bowl of this skatepark at dawn. Good time to take pictures too. I'm usually pulled out of the house half asleep before I think of taking a camera though.