Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks for the Great Stuff!

Things are a bit congested and confused here at the ScrimChateau. Manon and Keir, Drexel's former custodians have moved here and they brought a lot of stuff with them. While I managed to unload a bag or two of clothes and a broken TV before they came, I had a pretty full house to start with.

But I'm happy about the new stuff. For example, Manon has a much better tree-pruner than I did. Keir especially has great stuff, and although I'm not allowed to use ,most of it, it is good to have here just in case, like the Zombie emergency box.

So, when I saw this really cool General Electric toolbox on the porch, I thought it was Keir's and felt really jealous. To the point of wondering how I could trick him into letting me have it.

It wasn't until two days later that I noticed the thin aluminum box. Wait a second, I thought, that is exactly the sort of box I've told people to give to me instead of throwing out. I looked at the General Electric toolbox again and noticed the lamp next to it. I didn't remember ever seeing that lamp at Manon's place and I remembered that I've also asked people to give me broken lamps.

"Manon, do you or Keir own this General Electric toolbox?"

"I thought you owned it," said Manon, "I was going to ask why you were putting that great box out with the recycling."

So that is when I figured out that a kind soul had left me three excellent things. I am looking forward to making excellent use of all of them.

Thank you. If there are stories behind any of the items, I'd love to hear them.

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Asteroidea Press said...

David! I'm so glad you got them! I dropped them off Sunday night while I was running other errands, and then I kept meaning to email you to tell you to look for them, but I didn't put it on the list, so it didn't get done.

Glad you like them! The stories aren't grand, but I'll write them out some other time.