Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guide to the Blue Skies Music Festival: Dancing

Of course there is dancing at the Blue Skies Music Festival. Lots of it. Special dance features unique to Blue Skies:

  • At 4pm on Saturday and Sunday there is a square dance. It is an absolute hoot. You don't need to bring a partner and you don't need to know how to square dance. (But really, deep inside, everyone knows how to square dance.) Added bonus - huge live square dance band and a live caller. This isn't your grade three teacher playing scratchy recordings.
  • You can dance off to the side of the mainstage during any of the performances.
  • If the music is kind of boring, this is a perfect place for you to dance spacey. Some people will think you are a groovy type who is experiencing the magic of Blue Skies. Others will think you are playfully making fun of the groovy types. In any case, you're getting to do something instead of begging in your head for the next act to come on stage.
  • If the band is raucous and really danceable, you can dance in front of the stage. If you are sitting near the stage, you should be prepared for this to happen. If you are one of the first dancers, be careful you don't step on any sleeping children.
  • If the band invites you to dance on the stage, don't do it. Polite volunteers will escort you right back off. Even if you are super hot and wearing a bikini and people in the crowd boo at the volunteers.

[P.S. This advice can be easily adapted for the Ottawa Folk Festival. Except that this year, they've got a special dance tent set up for dancing all day and I can't tell you where you're allowed to dance at the mainstage, but for heaven's sake, don't do it in front of the lawn chairs.]

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Anonymous said...

It is the lawn chairs that take the step out of my dance! it is a party for goodness sake! outa da chairs!