Monday, September 29, 2008

Dave at Dorkbot

Normand demonstrating the microphone circuit I could have read about how to spend a few dollars to make a microphone worth about $150, but somehow, going to the Ottawa Dorkbot meeting last week and seeing the one that Normand made and hearing him talk about it, has made it dramatically more likely that I will start making my own microphones.

And then seeing Jordan's Arduino controlled audio sequencer and another fellow's $30 amplifier has made it more likely that I'll be making those too.

I don't think I'll be doing the circuit bending on old video titlers that Sean does, but he gave me some great ideas for what I can do with the toy electric guitars I've been collecting.

They invited suggestions for future meetings, I'm going to ask if someone might have ideas for "things to do with discarded VCRs" [other than build inuksuks with them].



Anonymous said...

Wow! What's that cute girl doing at Dorkbot?

brad said...

Man, I had no idea this was going on in Ottawa. Damn!

David Scrimshaw said...

Fox, the "cute girl" didn't ask as many questions as I did, so I can only assume that she wanted to learn how to make her own microphones but knew more about it than I did.

Brad, now you know about Dorkbot! And because you commented here, I now know about your music.