Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's fine with me if you don't use Facebook

I have admitted it before. I am on Facebook.

Here are the things I do on Facebook:

  • Confirm as Friends people that I actually have met;
  • Occasionally update my status to say that "David is" doing something innocuous;
  • Respond to an invitation by indicating that I may go, so that I can easily copy the event into my Google calendar;
  • Look up ex-girlfriends;
  • See if friends have posted embarrassing or sexy pictures of themselves;
  • Seek damaging information about people suing my client;
  • Delete invitations to join political groups;
  • Reject all invitations to sign up for games, contests, quizes, etc; and
  • Respond to personal emails from people for whom I do not have a proper email address.

Here are things I don't do on Facebook:

  • Instant messages (they creep me out);
  • Games, contest, quizzes, etc;
  • Ask people to have lunch with me by posting a message on their "wall";
  • Send messages to people I already have a proper email address for; or
  • Send out party invitations.

When you send me a message through Facebook, I get an email that tells me so and tells me what the message is. I can reply directly from my email system, but I will have to type over the "noreply" address with enough of your name that your address pops up. If I have your address. If I don't have your address, I will have to click on the Facebook link in the email, possibly log in to Facebook, and reply there. I'll delete the Facebook messages, but I won't be confident that Facebook isn't keeping it all in an archive somewhere.

Like many of my generation, I have an unfortunate tendency to get cranky. The extra clicks, typing, and possible privacy breaches I just described bring out that crankiness. Now that I have mentioned it here, I am more likely next time to remind myself to not get cranky about this and your using Facebook rather than email will help me on my path to not getting irritated by little things. On the other hand, depending on how slow my computer and browser are, you might have wasted 30 seconds to a minute that I could have spent writing something you'd like to read.

If you want to stalk me, you may find you're better off going with this blog, my Google calendar, and Flickr than with Facebook.

Bonus Link for people who have read this far and are not fond of live squirrels, a Youtube video that shows you how to hunt squirrels and make sandwiches with them. [I think it might be for real.]

Bonus news about my life for people who care, it occurred to me that since the used components that made up the urban inuksuk aren't all going to leave the house soon (so far only the little TV and 2 smashed VCRs are gone), they might as well be stacked in the inuksuk shape and when I mentioned this to Manon, she was actually enthusiastic. So it lives again. For a while.


Aggie said...

Is it living outside your home, or in your living room? I was hoping for a viewing...

Anonymous said...

It is living inside our home, Aggie, and I was not only enthusiastic, but I was thrillled! It is a beautiful piece of art.