Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Mojo Scarf

Yesterday I mentioned that Manon is excellent at choosing gifts. Actually, "excellent" is an inadequate word in this case. "Inspired" is a better word. Last winter, she decided she would knit me a scarf for my birthday. In the set of all gifts, there isn't much that is better than a piece of clothing that someone has knit for you. (Of course there are wonderful things of a similar rank, like a crocheted afghan for instance.)

But, here's where the inspired part came in and Manon took it beyond excellent: She rounded up items from a whole bunch of my friends and knitted them into the scarf.

Now, anywhere I go with the scarf, I have something from about 20 of my favourite people (including cats). That is why I call it my Mojo Scarf.

I do not knit, but if you do, and you want to bowl someone over, or as the French say, make them all ému, a mojo scarf is just the ticket.


Pearl said...

wow, fabulous gift. It's so personalized.

accidental altruist said...

that must feel SO GOOD to wear. I am so happy for you and Manon BOTH!! lovin' the wee binder clip.

Fingers said...

What a lovely gift to give someone