Thursday, November 20, 2008

Found Art by a Known Artist (Stefan Thompson)

Have I ever mentioned that I lead a charmed life?

I found this big painted bird on cardboard lying on a lawn on O'Connor Street on Tuesday afternoon. It had a light dusting of snow pellets that fell right off and a few leaves and bits of dirt that brushed off with my handkerchief. [It was also a bit damp and warped. I put it between two towels on the floor and it dried nice and flat.]

I knew what it was from the silhouette even before I turned it over. It is one of the Stefan Thompson's paintings to advertise his current show at Invisible Cinema. I've coveted his work since I saw his show there last year.

The unfortunate thing is that because I took CML 1108 - Property Law, I learned that "finders keepers" is not the actual law in Ontario.

So I've sent Stefan an email asking if he wants it back. I hope he says no. Because it looks good on the mantle and even Keir said it was "awesome" when he saw it.


aandjblog said...

aww too bad. It's really pretty.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You find an unusual amount of art, don't you?

Fingers said...

Yay, it looks good on the mantle.
I'm plannign to paint sometthing on cardboard too. Great texture and colour for a base.

David Scrimshaw said...

I'm optimistic about being allowed to keep it. Stefan wrote "please recycle, non-toxic paint" on the back. That implies to me that he wasn't planning on taking these back from the places he left them.

Zoom, I would agree with you except I don't know what the usual amount of found art is.