Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Re-using Broken Glass

Did you know that with a blow torch you can heat little pieces of glass so that they melt into each other and form abstract shapes? And that you can hang the new creations from pieces of wire? Or even melt the glass around a piece of wire?

I recently discovered that you can.

I also observed the following:

  • Thin pieces of glass are less likely to shatter and fly around than thick pieces of glass.
  • Starting with a slow even heat might prevent some shattering.
  • Heating the glass in a bowl made from bricks will cause your housemates less concern than if you use the fondue pot.
  • Putting bits of glass in an aluminum can in a fireplace over night does not produce melted glass ornaments.
  • Not even if you make a brick kiln for the container.
  • A blow torch will burn right through an aluminum can before glass melts.
  • If you wear thick work gloves, you can put bits of glass that fly off back on the glass pile before they cool down.
  • Safety goggles don't interfere with your ability to see what's going on.

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Pearl said...

now that's a fun bit of science...