Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Sign that Winter is Nearly Over

The person who tossed this empty coffee cup on the ground littered.

But they had the courtesy to toss it in a way that left the rolled-up rim with "play again" showing.

What could be more Canadian?


aandjblog said...

If Bridgehead did Roll Up the Rim, you would probably see things like:

- free organic coffee
- pair of Tom's Shoes
- trip to Africa
- 100 gc for Bridgehead
- 10,000 to the charity of your choice

salonsally said...

So did ya then Dave? Did ya?

Anonymous said...

seeing the photo of this lying in the snow reminds me of something my daughter did when we was probably only 2 or 3. we were walking down the road and she saw a roll of the rim but. down into the ditch she jumped to grab it and roll up the rim.


Anonymous said...

I hope littering isn't typically "Canadian". If so, we are in trouble. :P

David Scrimshaw said...


If Tim Horton's coffee is a Canadian icon, then I am afraid either littering is typically Canadian or there is some sort of foreign conspiracy going on.


I bet you're right about the Bridgehead prizes. Especially the donation to the charity of your choice.

Sally and Raino,

I'm sorry, I don't get either of your comments.

Anonymous said...

"What could be more Canadian?"

- taking a picture of a discarded Tim Horton's Coffee cup.

- The fact that I'm sure you picked it up and disposed of it properly shortly after taking the photo.

salonsally said...

What I meant was: Did ya roll up the rim? after you said:

But they had the courtesy to toss it in a way that left the rolled-up rim with "play again" showing.

that's all...

David Scrimshaw said...

Darrell, excellent answer to the question and it has inspired me to add a topper:

- using the discarded cup to collect used road salt at the bus stop and bringing the salt home to use on the sidewalk next winter.

SalonSally, No, I didn't. I would have. But it was already rolled up.