Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's not easy being healthy

I got some quizzical comments about the liquid in the mason jar on my desk at work.

You know me, I don't like people to be out of sorts if I can clear things up with a simple label.


Anonymous said...

Do I want to know what the note on your tea kettle says?

RealGrouchy said...

Not grouchy enough. Use of italics, underlining, and exclamation points would help emphasize the words "mint" and "tea". The small-caps currently used for these words may be misinterpreted as mere inconsistent capitalization, as they occupy the same vertical space as the other words.

That said, I think the label "Potable Urine Sample" would have been a more gratifying way to quiet your colleagues.

- RG>

Jen G said...

Although labels can create all kinds of social problems when applied to people, it's almost always a good idea to label a bottle of mysterious liquid!

aandjblog said...

:) is it hot or cold?

David Scrimshaw said...

Darrel: There is no kettle.

RealGrouchy: I see your point about the lack of italics, underlining and exclamation marks, but I stand by my use of capitalization. Including the small-cap E in Tea.

Jen G: Always a good idea? Suppose it was Cox's Orange Pippin apple juice? Someone might have stolen it.

J: See my reply to Darrell.

richgold said...

I sure hope you sniff your tea before drinking it. I used to work with a bunch of impractical jokers who would take your label as a challenge, just to switch things up a bit.