Monday, March 23, 2009

My Window Mirror

Someday, at my place of employment, I hope to have a workspace with a window.

In the meantime, rather than curse the darkness, I have strategically hung a mirror that I removed from a broken microfiche reader.

I can glance up and see if the sun is shining. I can also see whether traffic is moving on Baseline Avenue.

Not that it matters to me, but it's soothing. Like watching tropical fish in an aquarium.


Anonymous said...

omg! you really are brilliant. i need one of those but then again i would need to work near the queensway to see how it's moving right.

Dana Lee Ling said...

That is brilliant, I hope that one day you do get to sit next to a window. Sometimes I forget that I am fortunate to have "my own" window to sit next to at work.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing guy you are!! What a pleasure it is to have known you for so many years.

David Scrimshaw said...

Thank you , all, with compliments like these, I could almost become modest.

Anonymous said...

Not to detract from your overall brilliance or anything, but this mirror thing and your tiny little antique computer monitor are just so sad.

Bandobras said...

Pay no attention to xup. Being able to work on this stuff shows you're not dependent on the latest technology to get your work done.
And the mirror reflects well on your problem solving skills.

David Scrimshaw said...

Now I'm really not sure what to say.

I have a colleague who brought her own monitor to the office, but while I was prepared to bring my own mirror, I'm not prepared to do that.

Still, it does seem weird to be among the tiny minority who see the web in only 800x600 pixel chunks.

Pearl said...

neat. another good idea of Scrimshaw inc/ink.