Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jennifer Noxon's Necklace

I ran into Jennifer shortly before her opening at Artguise on Friday night. "Are you going to blog it?" she asked me.

"Oh yes," I said.

"Oh good," she said, "then I can link to you."

"And I'll link to you! We'll create a infinite loop on the internet!"

Then I asked her what the story was behind her necklace.

Her first reaction was to say that it had no story. But then she revealed that she put it together from items from her travels and beads made by her inspiring great aunt, Betty Lane.

"I wrote about her on Robert Genn's blog painters keys" said Jenn.

More Links:

Jennifer's paintings will be on display at art guise until May 19. They are being sold for extremely reasonable prices.

Jennifer also has paintings at Cube Gallery until May 17.

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raino said...

hey! werid. i know jennifer (well, i don't KNOW her), i only know the name and the face from when i took part in a choir where i live. smallish world eh. had no idea she was so talented with all this other stuff.