Friday, May 22, 2009

Tomorrow is the Great Glebe Garage Sale

Tomorrow is the Great Glebe Garage Sale. If you are not sure how to approach it, please refer to my schema for the Great Glebe Garage Sale from last year.

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Guillermo said...

I'm ready for it Sir! And already reviewed that post as part of the drill!

Happy hunting! (if u r back from Belgium)

Jennifer said...

I must remember to use the term "Glebeoise" as often as possible.

xup said...

An excellent refresher. Except I find the wide-brimmed hat restricts how much stuff my eyes can take in at once so I have to waste a lot of time craning my neck

RealGrouchy said...

How could you possibly cover any ground without a bicycle? Or carry stuff home, for that matter?

Last year I brought home a shovel, a strimmer, a large retractable screen, all attached along the length of my bike, plus a garden hose and whatever I put in my panniers.

Also, the coin dilemma: either you bring quarters, loonies and toonies to bargain for smaller items, or you stick with twenties to keep yourself from buying all that unnecessary kitsch you'd otherwise buy with that small change.

- RG>