Monday, May 04, 2009

Tony Fouhse vernissage at Petite Mort

I had a brief conversation with Tony Fouhse at his opening on Friday night at Gallery La Petite Mort.

Tony: Sneaking pictures?

Me: Sneaking, being obvious, taking...

Tony: Or up close and personal? Like these?

Me: These are definitely up close. No sneaking.

Tony: Not with that kind of camera.

[I proceed to introduce myself, remind him of the time Sally Robinson organized a dinner for Jody Benjamin after Jody told the Ottawa Citizen that if she could have dinner with any four people she'd choose me, the Other Dave, Tony Fouhse and Cindy Deachman.]

Tony: And I'm thinking their were ribs involved.

Me: I think you're right.

[The conversation stalls and there is an awkward pause.]

Tony: Excuse me, I've got to go blog.

Me: Me too.

[Oddly, Tony's blog didn't get updated until 2 days later. Maybe he had to go twitter?]


Tony Fouhse said...

Yeah, awkward. A lot of the time I don't know what to say so I just say something. Sometimes it comes out right, sometimes it comes out wrong. What can I say?


David Scrimshaw said...

It didn't seem awkward to me. I thought it was brilliant.

Other Dave said...

I blame Jody for creating this whole awkward association to begin with. Why didn't she just give the usual pat-answer to such a question and leave the awkward moments for when JFK, Mick Jagger, and Jesus meet up at an art opening.

Manon said...

Tony, I did not find our conversation awkward at all. I thought you were charming...