Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mom asks for a big zucchini

I've received permission to share an email and attached photos that I received on Tuesday from one of my regular readers. I saw her on Labour Day and she was concerned that she had given away too many zucchinis early in the season and wouldn't have any for her own needs. Here is the opening paragraph from the email:

The attached pictures show you what I received after telling Marvin on Friday that I needed a large zucchini to make soup and some baking. They don't include the 17" and 13" ones I dropped off at Paul and MR's this afternoon. Apparently we still have zucchini growing.

[Photos (and zucchinis): Marvin Scrimshaw]


Dana Lee Ling said...

Thanks for sharing! Out here momma never gets the big zucchini. In seventeen years I have never seen zuchini on this island.

other Dave said...

Has Marvin been experimenting with those radioactive seeds again?