Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shreddy the Snowman

snowman made of shredded paper

Two of my colleagues came along as I was snapping this picture.

"You have a fan," said one to the other.

"You're the artist?" I asked.

"I saw the bags there and they just cried out for snowmanification," she replied.


RealGrouchy said...

Heh, I just emptied the shredder at my office today, too. But your office replaces them long before they're full. We stuff the contents down until they won't anymore, and when I pull the bag out, it retains its square shape, kinda like one of those cubic watermelons.

Pity that with the plastic bags, the shredded paper inside can't be recycled (not that shredded paper is inherently recyclable to begin with).

- RG>

Chelle said...

I'm going to do that with ALL of my garbage. Think of the garbage mens' delight come Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

That's astonishingly creative.

Chelle said...

Do you ride a bike often? I am SURE I saw you the other day. I was kinda star struck.

Anonymous said...

The admin people in our ADM's office draw little bowties on their burn bags, so they can identify them if needed.

David Scrimshaw said...

Chelle, could not have been me. I haven't been on my bike in weeks and weeks.

Chelle said...

Huh. Well I was star-struck all the same. ;p