Sunday, January 31, 2010

The All-Alone Punchbuggy Emotion

It seems the psychologists have identified six basic emotions that are experienced by people everywhere. These big 6 emotions are: anger, fear, disgust, amusement, sadness and surprise.

Of course, there's big competition to identify other emotions and expand the list to the big 7 or the even the big 15. The New Scientist has an article exploring 5 less famous emotions that could be added to the list: elevation, interest, gratitude, pride and confusion.

But they've missed that emotion you feel when you see a VW Beetle and there's nobody around to punch.

I got punched four times today. Twice by Manon and twice by Kathy A. Sure I spotted punchbuggies, but only when I was all by myself. Including this Star Trek fan's bug that I think should have been worth two punches.


skylark said...

A STAR TREK PUNCH BUGGY !!! Sorry I wasn't there. I would've taken two punches for that one.

Anonymous said...

I still think the game is more interesting if you only punch for original bugs. That way you get to punch really hard once in a while instead of those constant little friendly punches over the stupid new VW "bugs"

Garden Coordinator said...

In my family we punch for original VW beetles and hug for the new version. Which means fewer sore arms and more hugs. Which is a good thing, right?