Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snowboards at the Skatepark

I'm fascinated by the skatepark between Ben Franklin Place and Baseline Station. I've taken hundreds of pictures of it and the kids who use it. Unfortunately, it doesn't get much use once the snow sticks. I imagine that even aggressive shovelling wouldn't make it suitable for the skateboards and bikes. I don't think you could turn it into an ice skating surface because the ice wouldn't stay on the sloping sides. In short, I have no solution for how it can be used in the winter.

But these two fellows have the answer. Snowboards. They were cruising down the slope and around the basin and then doing this funny hop to get back up to the top.

If I wasn't so shy, I'd have asked them how they were finding it.

I might also have asked if they were using the skatepark because the toboggan hills had been shut down. When they shut down the toboggan hills, probably they didn't think to also shut down the skateparks.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure this is just a terrible oversight on the part of the NCC. Once they realize what sort of liability they're opening themselves up to, they'll be out there with some brand-new "No Snowboarding in the Skatepark" signs

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they weren't playing with frozen balls is all I can say . . .


kbangs said...

good idea!!