Monday, April 12, 2010

Brewing Beer

I recently had the pleasure of joining some other bloggers for a Saturday brunch at the Clocktower. I brought my camera. I didn't take photographs of any of the bloggers because most of them blog under secret identities, but I've learned that if I don't bring my camera somewhere, there will be something I wished I'd taken a picture of.

The Clocktower is a brewpub. This means that they make their own beer on the premises.

This also means that people who work at the Clocktower have to clean out the beer vats.

And it means that I had something to photograph while I was there.

One of the bloggers expressed the hope that the staff at the Clocktower are actually learning the art of brewing beer, rather than learning how to follow a set of steps like you'd follow in making Kool-Aid.

I can see what they mean. I made home brew beer a few times back in the '80s. My beer was never very good, but since then I've figured that if I'm ever in one of those apocalypse situations where they're deciding which people get to stay in the bomb shelter, I'll say "I know how to make beer" and my life will be saved.

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Chelle said...

Love the clocktower. I crave their Fall pumpkin beer.