Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Missing the Point with Binder Clips?

Either binder clips are about to get really big or they're about to jump the shark.

Here are the signs:

  • They now have their own fan blog;
  • CBC radio is negotiating with several local bloggers for an interview on their uses (sticking point: use of aliases); and
  • Mumsnet dissed my use of binder clips to hold up my sleeves.

Yes. It's true.

On April first, I noticed a spike in my traffic. This was odd because I hadn't posted for weeks. I thought maybe someone had picked up on a clever joke I blogged. Except I don't remember blogging any clever jokes other than the chia keyboard and it wasn't my idea.

It turns out the hits were coming from a discussion forum on Mumsnet (by parents for parents) that was started by someone calling herself Dumbledoresgirl who wrote:

I've just driven past a couple of young men, ok boys and one had his sleeves pushed up and I couldn't take my eyes off his naked forearms. But it isn't naked forearms per se otherwise men in t-shirts would be sexy, it is the pushed up sleeve business.

Why is this, do you think? (assuming you also find it sexy and it is not just me with some weird perversion)

This generated 142 comments: responses to the question, discussion of what makes a sexy forearm, how exactly the sleeve should be rolled, the importance of the shirt being tucked in, and other fine points. Other comments linked to photos with examples of rolled sleeves. Sexy examples and non-sexy examples.

And at 14:06:33 on 1-April-2010, on the fifth page of comments, FalafelAtYourFeet wrote:

this man has totally missed the point

and linked to Uses for Binder Clips - Holding Up Sleeves, which features this photo:

If you mouseover the picture you'll see it comes with excellent advice. I don't think I missed the point at all.


RealGrouchy said...

They haven't even gone beyond the local, so I'm betting they're about to go big. Radio's the next big thing for www.binderclips.ca, if you ask me. But then I just got a shipment of a big box of them from my supplier, so I've got an interest (no, not financial! I'll never sell them!)

As for aliases, I must commend you for choosing such an innocuous one!

I guess I should spend the next few days gussying up that blog, in advance of the radio gig. It's just not quite hokey enough yet.

- RG>

Anonymous said...

I think you've missed the "pushed up sleeves" point because your sleeves are not "pushed" up, they are meticulously folded up and then clipped in place with a binder clip. That's way too anal geek to qualify for the casually pushed up sleeve, raw sexy naked forearm vibe. Of course there are probably a whole contingent of other bloggers who find meticulously folded up sleeves held in place with binder clips sexy. Maybe you could google it?