Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Blogging Woes

There are two reasons I almost didn't blog this week. First of all, too much happened on the weekend. Then there was Monday.

Friday night, it was Spins'n'Needles. [I had fun, but didn't make anything notable. Ed and Eileen who came with us mod-podged things. Ed did his cell phone and Eileen did a button plate for a kitchen fan. It was inspiring.] [Flickr Photos]

Saturday morning, the Great Glebe Garage Sale. [Major score - a working overhead projector for $10.] [Flickr Photos]

Saturday afternoon, the Rogers Cable guy came and determined that the reason I am not getting channels 61, 64, 67, 68 and 69 is a problem on the main line and not in my house. This struck him as funny because I haven't been getting the channels for several months and I'm the first customer who has complained. Since channel 64 is PBS, I'm guessing that none of the Watertown diehards live in my neighbourhood.

After the cable, I obviously needed a nap.

Saturday night, wow! The Roller Derby. Excellent fun. I've found a sport that I enjoy watching. The Rideau Valley Roller Girls posted blowout victories over the their out-of-town opponents. Let me know if you want to come the next time we go. [Flickr Photos]

Sunday was a busy day here at the house.

Okay. Then Monday. Maybe it was the smoke in the air, but I didn't get a good night's sleep and woke up grumpy. Very tempted to call in sick. Halfway to the bus stop, I put my hand in my pocket and discovered I didn't have my bus pass. Back at home, it didn't turn up. So I tossed my bag in the back seat of the car and sat down in the front to drive to work. As I put the key in the ignition I realized I could hear someone talking even though I hadn't turned the key to start the radio. I listened more closely. "Shut up, fool. Shut up, fool. Shut up, fool..."

It was my Mr T in Your Pocket and button 3 must have gotten pushed in when I dropped the bag. I reached back and shook the bag until Mr T shut up. (Although it is called Mr T in Your Pocket, I keep it in my shoulder bag.)

When I arrived at work and took the bag out of the car, he started up again. I had to adjust everything in the front pocket of the bag to get him to stop.

Work was okay except that something came up that prevented me from going for a swim at lunch.

At home, I thought things were on the upswing. Manon cooked a tasty supper for us. Keir washed the dishes so I didn't have to. There were no good TV shows on so I had a full evening to do a little volunteer coordination for Propeller Dance and write some blog posts.

But first there was a comment to moderate. This is notable because it was an actual comment and not spam. An anonymous person took issue with Marcie's list of exciting things to do in Ottawa. I approved the comment and then went to the posting to put up a reply. But the comment wasn't there. So I went to comment moderation. There were 115 comments awaiting moderation. All spam that I hadn't got around to rejecting. Might as well do this now, I thought.

So I clicked "select all" and then clicked "reject". At least I meant to click "reject". Since the following screen said "115 comments have been published", I must admit that I may clicked "publish" instead.

So instead of blogging last night, I spent the evening deleting comments that you might have found useful if you are looking verifiable sex or a mobile home park in Oswego, but which I found embarrassing.

The comment on Marcie's post appeared for a while and has now vanished again. I suppose I should go to Blogger's known issues page and see if I can find out what's going on, but it's bedtime.


Anonymous said...

OMG! This is all so sad. I went through 3 hankies just reading it, so I can only imagine how you must be feeling. I'm sure with the love and support of your wonderful lady you will get through this terrible time. I will keep you in my prayers.

David Scrimshaw said...

Thank you for your kind sympathy, XUP. Yes, with the support of the lovely Manon, I can get through any tribulation.

Laura said...

Difficult times indeed. I am intrigued by Mr. T in your pocket gadget. My friend has a GPS that talks Mr. T talk "turn left fool" and that kind of fun. I suspect he would like the talking pocket thingy too. Perhaps Manon will make you another amazing rocket cake? That would turn this terrible time right around...don't you think? :)

Jennifer said...

You say "mod-podged" as if we should know what it means. What does "mod-podge" mean, David?

David Scrimshaw said...


I will have to find out how to get my GPS to talk like Mr T.

Jennifer, sorry. I didn't know about mod podge either until recently. It is this great goopy stuff that you brush onto something like a painting and the mod podge dries into a shiny clear waterproof coating.