Monday, October 18, 2010

What you missed at the Proms

This weekend the Maple Leaf Brass Band performed in two Last Night at the Proms concerts: Saturday in Perth, Sunday in Ottawa.

Unfortunately for the folks in Perth, the Sunday performance was a bigger and more action-packed evening. For example, it featured the British High Commissioner singing a delightful rendition of Burlington Bertie from Bow.

As charming as his excellency is, the ladies still seem to have more appreciation for Garth Hampson's powerful tenor voice. While the audiences in both Perth and Ottawa had the opportunity to hear Garth sing, it was only one lady who had the chance to sing the first verse to Ode to Newfoundland with him after Sunday's performance. [I believe she would have been up for singing all 4 verses, but it had been a long evening for Garth.]

[The Ottawa audience also got to hear the Harmonia Choir who made my eyes all watery with their beautiful renditions of the Ash Grove and All Through the Night.]

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Anonymous said...

What a nice man that Garth is. So kind to stop and interact with audience members.