Saturday, April 09, 2011

Parking Meter Planter in Chinatown

There's an old parking meter in Chinatown that has been converted into a planter.

I suppose it would cost too much to have done it with all of the old meters.


Anonymous said...

Is that the lovely Manon in the background?
Two beautiful flowers in one picture.


Dana Lee Ling said...

Uh... count me confused. Were the meters decommissioned? Or was this some sort of Ottawa spring awakening environmental protest movement?

David Scrimshaw said...

The meters were decommissioned and replaced with "pay and display" machines.

Unlike this one, most of the meters were completely taken away.

Dana Lee Ling said...

Thanks! Now I know I cannot return to the continent. I barely remember how to operate a old fashioned parking meter. I read the directions on the pay and display, but there were plenty of steps. This island has no parking meters. We do not even have parallel parking spots.