Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Unofficial Blue Skies Music Festival Lineup 2012

By searching Google, I found the following performers with listings that say they will play Blue Skies this year. Of course, anyone can say they’ll be playing at Blue Skies. Whether they actually appear on the main stage is another thing. Maybe they’re scheduled for a workshop. Or they plan to jam around a camp fire. Or maybe their flight from Newfoundland doesn’t work out (a distinct possibility for Sherman Downey who plays St. John's the day before he plays Blue Skies).

For more unofficial information on Blue Skies, see my other postings:


Unknown said...

We'll make it, David! It's out first Blue Skies and everyone we talk to about it is pretty excited that we'll finally be experiencing it. If our flights don't allow it, we'll paddle from Newfoundland on our guitars and thumb it the rest of the way. Hope to see you there.


Terry said...

Hi everyone! I met Sherman in Perth at the Stewart Park Festival last weekend. His band is great! Big-grin inducing, stick-in-your-head, get-up-and-dance tunes. You'll love them at Blue Skies.

Anonymous said...

SD and the Silver Lining were good but how about the Claytones? They rocked the Stewart Park Festival. Will they be at Blue Skies???? Everyone needs to see them. They perform their own music, have a great sound and are soooo accomplished!

David Scrimshaw said...

Hey Anonymous,

Looks like the Claytones have other plans.

According to their website, the Claytones will be at Irene's in Ottawa during Blue Skies.

But they'll be in Sharbot Lake the weekend before.

Sat July 28 – Sharbot Lake Inn, ON 8PM

Sat Aug 4 – Irene’s Pub, “Lake in the Night” CD RELEASE, Ottawa ON 9:30PM

Anonymous said...

Do you know if this address is still correct for the newsletter? THANKS :)

Blue Skies Mailing List PO Box 216 Kingston, ON K7L 4V8

David Scrimshaw said...

Sorry, I don't know if that address is still valid.

DRUMHAND said...

Blue Skies Folk!

Here is a link to DRUMHAND's latest newsletter. We've included a few pics from your great festival!