Monday, September 03, 2012

Questions about the BBQ Lighter 6-pack Bargain

$7 for 6 BBQ lighters
Last night while on my way to the checkout at the Westboro Superstore, I spotted this excellent price for a 6-pack of barbecue lighters - $7.

I almost bought the package, but then it occurred to me, I don't have a barbecue. I could use one to light the fireplace, but I already have hundreds of matches and a really nice Zippo.

That's when the questions came to my mind.

Who would need six barbecue lighters?

Are people buying them in bulk to add to gifts?

What sort of gifts are they being added to? Candles? Is there some new cultural or counter-cultural thing going on that I don't know about?

Any illumination on this issue would be appreciated.


RealGrouchy said...

Duh, they're different colour. It's so you can match your barbecue lighter to you're apron. Or to light up a rainbow.

- RG>

What's Up With Stu? said...

6 lighters for $7 will cover one entire barbecue season..... maybe

David Scrimshaw said...

RG - I guess you have a lot more aprons than I do.

Stuart - I guess you have a longer barbecue season than I do.

zoom said...

I got one as part of a gift! It came with a set of creme brule bowls. (Why don't you have a barbecue?)

David Scrimshaw said...

Zoom - I'm sure they were very expensive creme brulé bowls! (So don't go thinking the gift giver was being frugal with you. Not that you would. Just saying.)

We don't have a barbecue because the one I had became non-functional even after I replaced that aluminum thing you have to replace every year practically. And it didn't seem worth getting a whole new barbecue for the few times a year I grill things. Plus, we have a small yard.

Anonymous said...

On barbecues: apparently the starter is powered by a battery in a secret location and when it goes (which you will find annoying, but which is not fatal because you can still light with your snazzy lighter) you can fix it yourself but have to figure out where the battery is hidden. This is all i know about broken 'cues.

On BBQ lighters: they have a tiny reservoir of fluid. if your bbq'd regularly, you would run out of lighter fluid after a few short lightings. bad news - huge waste of materials. They should consider including a bottle of fluid and a handle that opens for refills.

On life: I miss you!!

David Scrimshaw said...

Anonymous -

On barbecues: My broken barbecue was beyond a dead battery. It was about gas not going where it needed to go.

On lighters: I suspect that the people who sell lighter 6-packs are not interested in making them refillable.

On life: I'll try to blog more often.

gordon said...

BBQ starters are usually piezoelectric devices, which generate the spark from the electricity released by squishing a small crystal or ceramic piece when the button is pushed. Clever little devices that don't require an external power source.

David Scrimshaw said...

Thank you, Gordon, this could explain why it is so hard to find the battery for the starter.