Sunday, March 17, 2013

Restaurant Ordering Tip: Use the # sign

Here's a fairly typical order for Manon and me at the Pho 99. A number 37, vermicelli with grilled chicken and spring roll, for me ("like always," as one of the waiters used to say); A number 41, vermicelli with grilled beef and spring roll, for Manon (because she feels like having beef today and doesn't feel like having soup); and a number 54, coffee with condensed milk for both of us.

But do you see what I did? I put a # sign in front of the 54. Because I don't want them to get mixed up and bring us 54 orders of number 2, that would be 108 rolls with shredded pork and salad because there are two per order.

I'm thoughtful that way.


RealGrouchy said...

So your dinner has a hashtag?

- RG>

David Scrimshaw said...

I guess it does.

But it doesn't seem to be trending.