Wednesday, August 07, 2013

My Blue Skies Photos and a tip for parents.

Had a fine time at Blue Skies (until I got sick, but you don't need to hear about that). And I picked up a tip for parents of active children.

Say you've got a child who loves to race around and won't stop no matter what you say. This might not work on every kid and it might not work all the time, but try pointing a camera at them.

These little guys were racing around like maniacs. I thought I might get some great action shots of them, but as soon as they spotted me with my camera they came to an abrupt halt and gave me big smiles until I put the camera down. Even then they watched me to see if I'd pull it out again.

My other shots of Blue Skies are on Flickr. They include a series of Magoo doing his shower demonstration (an annual highlight for me - especially as it's followed by his sweet Safari Suit song), and De Temps Antan at their morning workshop.

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