Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Getting Hats - Paul Wins

Hair coming in nicely, but head still cold
I thought I was onto something when I blogged that I lost a toque and got 4 new ones for Christmas. But my little brother Paul beat me. He got 5 new hats. And all he had to do was have his head shaved.

It may have helped that the Cornwall Seaway News published an article (with video) and said:
Paul Scrimshaw knows all about the perils of cold weather now – he's experiencing the skull-chilling feeling of being bald after having his head shaved to benefit a young family grappling with a cancer diagnosis.
He raised over $2000 and  the hats started rolling in.

First the Cornwall hats:

Then the hats from the artistically gifted Heather Smith of Bluefront Studio:

This gem is a Whoo Hat.

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