Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Appetizer Tip: Use the right platter

Manon and I have become the royal couple of devilled eggs. Is it because we make the best devilled eggs? No it is not. First, it is not a competition. Second, all devilled eggs are delicious.

What make us the royal couple of devilled eggs is this amazing ceramic platter we found at the Kanata Value Village several weeks ago. It has a hen flanked by salt and pepper chicks and the hen has toothpick holes. We may try tiny pickled onions on the toothpicks next time.

We have brought the platter to two dinners now and are confident that it will dramatically increase the number of dinner invitations we receive.

Bonus tip: This youtube video that shows a supposedly great way for peeling boiled eggs did not work at all for me.

Double bonus tip: I cannot tell you where to find a devilled egg platter like ours, but it would be better if you didn't have one anyway. Instead you might want a platter that would be suitable for something else. Perhaps chicken wings and dipping sauce. This pair of bowls was at the Gatineau Village des Valeurs on Monday. It might still be there.

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Pearl said...

those are lively!