Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lending the chainsaw

A few weeks ago, my coworker Lori mentioned her husband had some wood to cut, but didn't have a chainsaw. I quickly offered to let him borrow my mine. I use the chainsaw to cut up the firewood I scrounge in the neighbourhood, but could easily spare the saw for a few weeks and I'm always happy to help out another modern lumberjack.

So, I put the chainsaw in my car and drove it in to work. It's a light chainsaw, so I could have brought it into the building to give to Lori, but we figured it would be better to do the transfer in the parking lot. We had a feeling that it would make the front desk security guards uncomfortable to have someone walk past them with a chainsaw. Like there probably isn't a specific rule against chainsaws in the building, but they'd feel they should do something about it.

I mentioned that the blade could be lubricated. "They have dedicated chainsaw oil, but I just use a heavy motor oil or bicycle chain oil, whatever's around," I told her.

Gord had the chainsaw for a couple of weeks and then he returned it. I don't know much about Gord, but I can tell you he is the kind of guy who returns things in better shape than he borrows them.

Here is the returned chainsaw.

Notice the wood attached to the blade? With nice heavy screw knobs? He made a guard for the blade! Cut a piece of wood to a perfect shape, drilled some holes and attached those really nice knobs. And, he threw in a jug of proper chainsaw oil!

I'm trying to think of what else I can lend Gord.

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