Sunday, July 03, 2016

I wish I had a guest book sooner

For this year's Canada Day Brunch, we actually got it together to have a guest book. Now that I see what you can get with a guest book, I regret not getting one sooner. Look. There's a portrait of me by the talented Annika.

Yes, the artist made me take off my apron.

I have another regret. I regret not asking Annika to do portraits in the guest book of others at the brunch. If we're lucky, she'll come next year.

There are more pictures of the brunch on Flickr.

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Sally said...

Yea, always a great idea to have a guest book! The Coombs had one at the cabin, when I was a kid. The Coombs were our neighbours. They did everything right. They're kids (all five of them) had weekly chores. They each had an allowance. Can't remember what else. They were a very organized family, in stark contrast with ours.