Monday, November 14, 2016

A word I don't like: Timeliness

I don't like the word "timeliness". It's not just that it's awkward. It's because it's spelled the same as "timelines" with an extra "s". So I'm reading along and I don't know how to pronounce the word until I get to the end.

Unfortunately, I have no solution to offer. Does anyone know a good synonym for either "timeliness" or "timelines" so we can stop using one of those words?

I don't want to set timelines for your reply, but timeliness could help me improve my writing sooner.

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Anonymous said...

the irrelevance of time instead of timeliness, but then if it impertinent and not present, why even use it means endurance or infiniteness

As to timelines-is that even one word? A word from the office and project management. Time duration or scale is a better word.

But as Fowler said, "usage determines correctness".