Saturday, August 24, 2019

Concept art across the street

My neighbour conceptual artist has been at work again at their favourite venue - the empty home at 200 Lebreton Street.

Don't worry, the new owners are happy with the art

Do you think that Tonka tractor might be worth money?
 Yesterday, City workers came looking for the water shut-off pipe. They didn't find it, but they left behind an excellent substrate for embedded art.
I mean, I really like it. But I won't steal it. I promise.
 I really like the little rhino coming out of the gravel.
I might even confirm the suggestion
I have not been given permission to identify the artist, but I wouldn't deny a suggestion that that is their shadow.
and the artist has more of these sticks if someone wants to make their own signs
 Apparently, many of the images came from inside the home after Adrian, it's owner, passed away.


Joel said...

Allow me to observe that the one-eared, red-bearded gentleman seems disinclined to build a hot rod dragster.

David Scrimshaw said...

You may be right about that, Joel.

Dana Lee Ling said...

I am curiously reminded that stuff, in the George Carlin sense of stuff that we accumulate in life, persists there. Here nothing persists in the relentless heat, humidity, and saline air. Paper is gone in months, metal rusts away rapidly, plastic mildews and then crumbles. A trip to Wisconsin this past summer left my children surprised that there was stuff from my youth, even from my childhood, still intact.

David Scrimshaw said...

Hey Dana, what about plastic? You could collect toy dinosaurs.