Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Office Prop Comic - #2 Finnegan Puppet

Bring a hand puppet of a little dog to meetings. When you need to say something that might be unpopular, have the puppet whisper in your ear and then act like you are shocked by what it’s saying, “What’s that, Finnegan, the quarterly projections are based on bad assumptions?” Have the puppet nod enthusiastically and whisper more. “They need to be redone?” Take it from there.

Warning: Do not have the puppet insult people. People who have been insulted by puppets have been known to harm those puppets. Save the insults for when you are alone with Finnegan.

[For non-Canadians, or those too young to know about the original Finnegan, try this Youtube that shows him whispering to Casey or this full episode of Mr. Dressup.]

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