Tuesday, September 29, 2020

New window art

Check it out: I made a new piece of whimsical art using mostly found objects.

It's my Hanging Marble Shelf.

I admit that I bought the chain and the cuphooks, but the jars, the wood, the marbles and even the stegosaurus were just stuff I had hanging around.

Added bonus: I wrote an Instructable so that anyone who can't tell how to make their own from just looking at it will be able to. Now that I think about it, there could be useful tips in the Instructable even for someone who doesn't need instructions.


JAM said...

Oh, dear- did darling Manon lose her marbles? ( And I mean that literally. ­čśä)

David Scrimshaw said...

No worries. These are all my marbles. Manon's marbles are carefully displayed in various containers, but we have discussed the possibility that she may share some with me to add colour variety to this piece. Manon has much better marbles than I do.

JAM said...

Thanks for the clarification, David! So glad you both have a treasure trove of marble to lose or share together. ­čść Jenny