Saturday, May 01, 2021

My new collaboration - Garden Sign

I am very happy with my latest artistic collaboration. It is with my next door neighbour, five-year-old Elly.

Elly and Manon have a joint garden. It is really nice. But it suffers from the many dogs who relieve themselves on it. Elly and Manon decided to put in a sign asking the dogs to behave differently and use the water bowl they installed.

They decided what words they wanted on two signs. I cut two pieces of pressed board and inked on the words with a Sharpie. Then Elly applied her design skills to colour the letters and add attractive images. I sprayed on polyurethane to add water protection and affixed the signs to an old broom handle.

This morning we planted the sign. Manon put out the water bowl and a refill can and Manon and Elly did a formal ribbon cutting to launch the sign.

The ribbon cutting ceremony

[By the way, if you have any comments for Elly, I will pass them on.]


Joel said...

Elly, seeing your sign made me happy--it's decorated so beautifully, and you are so kind to dogs! I hope you'll have many flowers in it this summer.

Amazon162 said...

Ellen: You are an artistic wizard! This sign is colorfully eye catching - those dogs are going to "paws" and obey it. Hats off!