Monday, December 12, 2022

French TV recommendation - Discussions avec mes parents

Another show I like for absorbing French even when I don't understand everything is the delightful Discussions avec mes parents. The standup comedian François Morency plays a version of himself with fictionalized versions of his parents and siblings.

The show is absolutely delightful. The characters irritate and have fun with each other, but it's never mean or cruel.

All the family members have their quirks, but they're all very likable. As are the recurring friends, like the laundry owner who says "chesseuze" instead of "sécheuse" and the friend who works for "Postes Canada - Canada Post" and enthusiastically says it that way numerous times every time he is interacted with.

The frequent cameos by Québec celebrities playing themselves is a good cultural window.

Manon and I love the running gags. 

One of my favourites is the love the mother, Rollande, has for the works of novelist Danielle Cuivre whose titles raise everyone's eyebrows but Rollande's. Titles like "Samedi soir dans un champs de concombres" and "Coquinne canicule dans les culottes de Corinne". [Clip: LE CLUB DE LECTURE DE ROLLANDE]

One warning for Anglo viewers: there is more explicit bathroom and sex humour than we're used to with American television. This can even be an issue for French viewers. Apparently one of Manon's cousin's families was watching an episode all together and the five-year-old daughter learned some of the mechanics of how baby's come to be and was so horrified that she cried for several days.

I would embed a clip of a preview, but embedding is disabled. If you want a place to start with previews, I like this season's: Le détecteur de vitesse

You can stream Season 5 for free on ICI TOU.TV. ICI TOU also has seasons 1 through 4, but you have to pay for the "Extra".

The show airs on Radio-Canada (Channel 5 on Rogers Cable in Ottawa). The final two episodes of season 5 are scheduled for tonight, Monday, December 12 and next week, December 19 at at 7:30 pm.

It's worth setting the PVR to record all episodes at any time and day because they often air reruns of old episodes.

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