Friday, December 22, 2023

Sambal Oelek update - I cracked

A big jug of Sambal Oelek with a $34.99 price tag (next to a coffee cup that says "No more Mr. Nice Guy")

If you're a serious Sambal Oelek (fresh chili paste) user like me, you already know that the Huy Fong suspension is over and their Sriracha and Sambal Oelek sauces have been back on store shelves at least since early October.

However, the prices are not great. When I saw a 3.8 litre jug of Sambal Oelek at $34.99, which is almost double the price it used to be, I thought I'd be clever and wait a few weeks for this initial shortage pricing to come down.

But now here it is almost 2024 and the price is still $34.99. This hurts my stingy heart, but it's still a lower price than what I'd spend on hot peppers to make my own, never mind the time it would take and that it's very cold outside and I can't grind chili inside because someone else in the house has an aversion to tear gas.

So today I bought a jug. It's not like I'd get it from anyone as a Christmas present. We're only doing stocking stuffers and this wouldn't fit even in my oversize sock.

The question now is, will I be frugal with the Sambal Oelek and make it last until March? Or will it be gone by late January.


Anonymous said...

Another question your readers would like to know is whether your "stingy heart" can enjoy Sambal Oelek at $34,99? How much does the price increase diminish the taste?

Anonymous said...

I think you're short changing yourself. Not a stingy heart. Just a practical one. (Remembering the turkey shopping story).

David Scrimshaw said...

Anonymous #1 - I can tell you now that it tastes great. If the price comes down, it could be that it'll taste better to me. I'll let you know if it happens.

Anonymous #2 - Are you talking about the time I was directed to buy a very big turkey, like over 10kg and the only one that the Superstore had that big was not a Grade A. I said, "fine, I'll take it." Tasted fine. But it was missing a leg and I still hear about it every year.