Saturday, February 18, 2006

DMZ = Zero

As I type this, my DMZ and my inbox are both empty!

If you've not been a fanatical reader of this blog, you might have wondered about the DMZ graph in my sidebar. It tracked the number of emails in an Outlook folder I created to put all the messages overwhelming my inbox. [My original post describing the DMZ concept is here]

I'm having a lot of fun looking at the empty email folders.

Philosophy Link: Hazem sent me an interesting article from the Independent on the importance of the study of philosopy today. It's a good reminder about what we should be trying to get from our educations and I like the summaries of various philosophers they've attached. [Learning about life: What's the point of philosophy? (Discuss)] Excerpt:

Philosophy's aim is to encourage independence of mind and a critical ability to sift good things from bad things. Many of the problems that beset the world arise from unreflective acceptance of dogmas, which prompt knee-jerk reactions and polarisation of views. Obviously enough, a little more reflectiveness would go far to making the world a better place.


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Sheesh. I updated. Hope you don't mind the photo of raw chicken.