Tuesday, May 02, 2006

On Vacation

You see? When I was writing 10,000 word papers, I was posting all sorts of content for you; but now that I'm on vacation, I'm dry.

But I've got some Samuel Pepys news in case you did not follow my recommendation last month to make the his blog a daily read [you have to make it a daily read because if you fall a few days or a week behind it will feel like too much work to keep up].

Today Sam and his wife had a fight. He called her a "beggar" and she called him a "pricklouse". Terry Foreman tells us that "pricklouse" is a derogatory term for a tailor. I have a theory that Elizabeth had another meaning in mind and Samuel knew it, but if he called her out, she would say "a lady such as myself has no idea what you mean, you, sir, have a filthy mind."

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