Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Giving Thanks with Sally

Sally in her shirt from Jody and $8 autumn pants

Sally hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving supper for a whole bunch of us on Monday.

One of the things she was grateful for was the blouse that Jody gave her because it saved her from trying to figure out what to wear. Someone commented that Jody seemed to often help Sally with clothing.

Jody thinks the hat is acrylic, not Phentex

"Jody's my fashion consultant," said Sally, "and here she is now!"

We all admired Jody's handmade hat and layered look.

More panorama fun:


Anonymous said...

That's a great panorama David!

salonsally said...

Say Dave, Thanks for these great photos from Thanksgiving! Unlike that married couple, Jody doesn't lay my clothes out for me. Otherwise, yes, she's my fashion consultant, often giving me great hand-me-downs so I don't have to tax my brain.

Also, that's $8 American for the pants...oh yeah, back when that meant something. The real news is that they were orignally like $150 or so, marked down many times, from Dallas, Texas. Crazy what people will pay for clothes.

OK, I guess I've said enough now. Is there a limit to the number of words or anything?