Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Legacy Skatepark in Nepean

When I left work today, it was a beautiful sunny evening and I didn't have to rush to a meeting or a practice, so I did what I've been wanting to do since the snow thawed and wandered over to the skate park.

I took a bunch of photos and nobody seemed to mind. One fellow might have been disappointed that I didn't get a shot of him wiping out. All I can say is that with everything going on, and the sunlight washing out my view screen, it was hard for me to get the action shots I did get.

If there is tension between the boarders and the bikers, or any sort of territorial squabbles, I didn't see any while I was there. Just a bunch of young guys working at improving their skillz.


All the shots I got on Flickr

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Anonymous said...

Great shots! I was just reading about how graffiti is allowed on the skate parks, and I was curious to see what it looked like.