Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kyrie Kristmanson at the Black Sheep

Drawing of Kyrie snapping her fingers; wearing white fur hat and white dress

I actually got dragged out of Ottawa on Saturday. Manon and Keir wanted to see their friend Kyrie play at the Black Sheep. Especially because Kyrie wanted Keir to do a shoot video. (Yes, he'll shoot video for Kyrie, but poor Drexel? Draw your own conclusions.

Speaking of drawing, I figured with CBC Radio 2's Canada Live taping the performance, Keir videoing it, Manon and half a dozen other people photographing it, I might as well stick to my coloured pencils. But how to solve the problem of figuring out which pencil to use in a dark club?

drawing illuminated by LEDAh, ha, a $3 reading light to the rescue. (This light also comes in handy when playing sheet music in dark places.)


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