Sunday, June 21, 2009

After word: Sally's Show

Sally Robinson's cd launch was an amazing show. More proof that if I tell you to go to something, you should go.

In addition to all the families in the audience, there were some nice family moments on stage. In the first half, Ann Downey and her son, Jonathan Werk, gave a beautiful bass viol and oboe accompaniment to House, a song about the old family house. In the second half, when Sally had to do a costume change, her sister came up and played Tammy on the piano while Sally changed behind it. Besides being a lovely moment, it demonstrated that knowing how to play just one song on the piano can come in handy.

Sally is excellent at passing on performing tips from the stage, for example:

I have to breathe in through my nostrils or I'll start bawling.

I've got a bunch of photos of the show up on Flickr.

[Also a ton of photos from the Propeller Dance show.]

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Dave Moyer said...

What a perfect pic!